Deloitte at Davos: 2008 participation


Deloitte leaders played a prominent role in a number of the Annual Meeting's sessions and workshops, in addition to developing and hosting its own private events.

Public sessions

Finding your top performers: The corporate treasure hunt
According to a recent US-based survey, 83 percent of managers and 97 percent of executives believe they are in the top 10 percent of performers inside their company. Deloitte Global CEO Jim Quigley served as a panelist in this public session that examines how corporations can effectively identify and retain their most valuable talent. The session explored the important cultural and economic aspects of this issue across a variety of industries.

The workforce’s new demographics
The global labor market is currently experiencing a shift in its traditional workforce. People are increasingly continuing to work past 65 (by both choice and necessity); a large number of women are returning to work; and, a growing, young population, motivated differently than their predecessors, is entering the workplace. Deloitte Global CEO Jim Quigley served as a panelist in this public session that addressed how companies can attract, manage and retain these disparate groups along with its traditional workforce.

Learn more at the  World Economic Forum site.

Private events

Pre-Davos World Economic Forum reception
Deloitte co-hosted, along with the World Economic Forum, the Pre-Davos reception held January 8 in New York City. Jean-Pierre Rosso, chairman of the Centre for Global Industries, World Economic Forum, joined senior partners of Deloitte and executives from various US-based companies to preview the agenda of the upcoming Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland.  View a video of the event.

Professional Services Governors Meeting
Demographic constraints, globalized markets and clients' growing demands are requiring professional services companies to become more diverse and inclusive. Deloitte Global CEO Jim Quigley co-chaired this meeting that brought together key stakeholders to understand and address how these trends will change the industry and how firms can best manage diversity across their talent pool.

Healthcare Governors Meetings
The healthcare industry is poised for a period of massive shifts. The healthcare industry partnership engaged key parties and stakeholders to both understand and address industry challenges and opportunities. This year's meeting focused on "Financing Demographic Shifts: Pensions & Healthcare 2030," "Assessing the Potential of India in Healthcare," "Innovation in Healthcare in and for the Emerging World" and "World Class Healthcare in World Class Cities." During the meeting, Bob Go, global managing director, Life Sciences and Health Care, presented the report, " Promoting and Protecting Life Sciences Innovation in Emerging Markets."

Financial Services Governors Meeting 
The financial services industry partnership assembled CEOs from the most influential, global financial institutions to discuss the latest issues and trends facing the industry and the dynamic capital markets. This year's meeting focused on "Climate Change and Financial Institutions: Carbon Finance as the Key to Stimulating Clean Energy Investments," "New Challenges and New Opportunities" and "Financial Markets and Competitiveness."