UN Global Compact: Communication on Progress 2007/2008

When Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL) joined the UN Global Compact at its inception in 2000, it committed to complying with the nine UN-principles on human rights, labor rights, and the environment. In June 2004, a 10th principle on anti-corruption was adopted by the UN for which DTTL has also expressed its support. DTTL's chairman of the board, John Connolly, stressed again this year the continued support of DTTL for the initiative. The ten principles closely align with DTTL’s commitment to responsible business and the nine Ethical Principles and four Shared Values which form the basis of all DTTL member firms’ interaction with their clients, employees, and the public.

These four Shared Values are:

  • Integrity
  • Outstanding value to clients and markets
  • Commitment to each other
  • Strength from cultural diversity

Below is DTTL’s Communication on Progress against the UN Global Compact principles during fiscal year 2007/2008. The document provides examples of activities, but it is not an exhaustive list of relevant activities of DTTL and its member firms. DTTL member firms are separately and independently owned which means they have the opportunity to implement programs in alignment with national customs and cultures as long as they reflect global visions and policies. This is done because experience shows that programs implemented with respect for local conditions and traditions yield the best results. Some examples of progress therefore represent activities of individual member firms while others represent DTTL programs and initiatives. The DTTL Worldwide Member Firms 2008 Review also contains examples of relevant DTTL member firm activities around the world.

A note on DTTL compliance with UNGC integrity measures
With the emergence of Global Compact local networks, some DTTL member firms and local offices have chosen to become UNGC signatories in their own right. Such signatories include DTTL member firms in Argentina, France, Netherlands, Spain and Turkey. Local office signatories (of regional DTTL member firms) include South Africa, Croatia, Namibia, Macedonia, and Serbia. At this time, only DTTL, Deloitte member firms in France, Spain and Argentina, and the Macedonia office of the Deloitte Central Europe member firm are required to report on progress. Deloitte member firms in Argentina, France, and Spain and have submitted independent COPs while the activities of the Macedonia office of Deloitte Central Europe are covered in this DTTL COP. All other Deloitte Global Compact signatories listed above are only required to report in subsequent years.  Going forward, in line with UN Global Compact policies, all Deloitte entities required to submit COPs will report collectively through the DTTL Communication on Progress.

Examples of activities