UN Global Compact: Global leadership support statement 2007/2008

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (DTT) and its member firms understand that changing perspectives on sustainability and social and environmental responsibility will have a profound effect on member firms' people, clients, and the way business is conducted.

Around the world, DTT member firms participate in the ongoing debate about long-term sustainability and the ways businesses recognize, create, and measure value. A signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, DTT member firms are working with a variety of organizations—both global and local—to address the issues of the day, whether by breaking the cycle of poverty by helping educate and train others, or closing the digital divide between the northern and southern hemispheres. They also strive to manage the social and environmental impacts stemming from their own business operations. The UN Global Compact and the 10 principles provide valuable guidance as member firms continue their efforts to be responsible citizens wherever they operate.

Please visit DTT's 2007/2008 Communication on Progress for more information about how DTT member firms seek to live up to the 10 UN Global Compact principles.

John Connolly
Chairman of DTT's Global Board of Directors and Senior Partner and Chief Executive, Deloitte UK

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