Deloitte and the UN Global Compact: Our Communication on Progress


Author: 2004/2005

As a professional services firm, environmental concerns are not core to our business, however, we recognize that environmental management programs are important and we are committed to minimizing any negative impacts that our activities may have. By recycling waste, managing energy/paper consumption and investing in technology to avoid unnecessary travel, we are able to make a positive contribution to the environment.

While Deloitte does not have formal global tracking systems in place, an internal survey among member firms showed that individual member firms have taken initiatives to monitor, manage and report on their environmental impacts and activities. Some of those activities are described below.

At DTT member firms

  • In the United Kingdom, DTT’s member firm has adopted a “Good Environmental Procurement Policy”, the purpose of which is to purchase goods and services which have the least negative impact on the environment. As a minimum, suppliers to the DTT member firm in the UK are asked to comply with all statutory and other legal requirements relating to the environmental impacts of their business, including waste management, packaging and paper, resource use minimization, and energy use.
  • During 2004, DTT’s member firm in the United Kingdom also implemented a firm-wide environmental policy which includes a waste management strategy, energy efficiency measures, efforts to minimize needs to travel, and a training program to build awareness amongst employees about the program.
  • In 2004/05, the French DTT member firm adopted a "green fingers charter" encouraging employees to act environmentally responsibly by reducing the use of paper and energy.

In the community

  • In Mexico, DTT's member firm provides financial and volunteer support for the Xochitla Foundation which seeks to create a natural reserve for recreational purposes where people can relax and get close to nature. 180 Deloitte Mexico professionals volunteered to prepare the reserve for the winter, and the firm donated gardening tools and thousands of flowers to the project.
  • In Argentina, the DTT member firm participates in the recycling program of the Garrahan Foundation. Since its inception in 1999, the Foundation has recycled over 7,000 tons of paper from the 700 companies that participate in the initiative. So far, Deloitte Argentina offices have collected 500 kilogrammes of paper for recycling. The Foundation spends the money earned through the recycling program on training centers for disadvantaged groups and charity homes.
  • In France, DTT's member firm supports the association “Un bouchon, un sourire” (“A bottle top for a smile”) which encourages companies to collect and submit bottle tops to be sold to waste recycling companies. The money earned by the association is used to purchase sports equipment for handicapped people. In support of this work, Deloitte France has installed containers in two large offices and during 2004/05 collected 200 kilogrammes worth of bottle tops.