Deloitte United States: Their Future Is Our Future

Helping to make college enrollment the norm in America

Deloitte United States shares the growing national concern about the quality and consistency of the U.S. education system and is helping to contribute solutions through Their Future is Our Future, a national Community Involvement program that focuses on building a college-going culture in low income high schools and making college attendance the norm in America. By employing a strategic approach to community involvement—from sharing its best thinking with education organizations to making strategic financial contributions to lending a voice to the education debate—Deloitte United States aims to make a difference.

Their Future is Our Future is driven by three strategic components: first, multi-faceted contributions to leading nonprofits such as College Summit, City Year, and United Way; second, the Future Fund—a national, multi-million dollar pool of funds to help local Deloitte offices increase their impact on the issue of college access in local markets; and third, thought leadership and advocacy to drive engagement in building a college-going culture in U.S. high schools. Deloitte United States publishes an annual study, the Deloitte Education Survey, which explores attitudes and issues related to creating a college-going culture.

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“Our future as a nation and as a business will be shaped by the success of our education system. Tapping our resources to benefit schools and students is an investment not just in education, but in our national ability to sustain a talented workforce and preserve our competitiveness in the global economy.”

 – Barry Salzberg, CEO Deloitte LLP (June 2007-May 2011), DTTL Global CEO (as of 1 June 2011)