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  • Global Powers of Retailing 2014
    What is driving the consumer revolution in retail?
  • The new world of Finance Transformation in consumer products
    The role of Finance is more important, more complex, and more demanding than ever. We invite you to download “The new world of Finance Transformation in consumer products” to learn more.
  • 2011 Global Powers of Retailing
    Ira Kalish and Richard Hyman talk about global retail trends.
  • WiFi in the mall
    Duncan Stewart talks about trends in Wi-Fi use in retail for 2011.
  • Hidden heroes podcast
    Ira Kalish and Bryan Roberts talk about eight countries to watch.
  • Emerging retail markets beyond China
    A new report written in collaboration with Planet Retail has identified the eight most attractive emerging markets for global retailers, beyond China.
  • The Retail Review: Changing habits, shifting patterns
    In this report we consider more than the outlook for Christmas 2009. There have been some profound and interesting changes over time and all have significant implications for the retail landscape.
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