2008 Annual Review: Looking back, thinking ahead


DTT 2008 Annual ReviewLooking back is important, but keeping your eyes on the road ahead is critical. Where will the road take you? At Deloitte, you determine the road ahead — where to turn, when to speed up or slow down, and where to stop along the way. This look at life at Deloitte in 2008 is told through the voices of our people, the innovative ideas of member firm clients, and includes some interesting numbers to round out your perspective.

Here is a sample of what you'll find in the 2008 annual review:

Looking back

  • Letter from the CEO and Chairman
  • Continuing momentum
  • Financial information
  • Deloitte by the numbers

Thinking ahead

  • Life at Deloitte
  • Life with clients
  • Life on this planet
  • Deloitte in motion