Bid Support

Current market conditions have created a challenging environment for both public and private companies. Businesses are now facing depressed valuations and financial stress, presenting opportunities for acquirers.

Who we are

Our Bid Support group has extensive experience in supporting takeover bids and can assist acquirers to ensure that the likely responses of the takeover target are anticipated well in advance.

What we do

Our Bid Support service provides expert advice on those elements essential to a successful bid. We can assist with gaining access to information, operating to timescales, maintain a robust process and help deal with bidding wars. With professionals based in the UK and internationally, our expert guidance is tailored to suit your needs and individual circumstances.

How we can help

Our Bid Support group can help you to: prepare attack themes; review target directors CVs and performance; prepare a financial foundation for the bid, explore synergy opportunities, and develop a shareholder communication plan.

For further information please contact Angus Knowles-Cutler or please call 020 7007 2946.