Jarvis Construction (UK) Limited (In Liquidation)

Jarvis Construction (UK) LimitedIan Brown and Nicholas Guy Edwards were appointed Joint Liquidators of Jarvis Construction (UK) Limited on 7 July 2010. On 25 May 2011 Ian Brown ceased to act as Joint Liquidator of the Company and Daniel Francis Butters was subsequently appointed as Joint Liquidator in his place. The affairs, business and property of the Company are managed by the Joint Liquidators.

All Insolvency Practitioners of Deloitte LLP are licensed in the UK.

Jarvis Construction (UK) Limited is a construction business and a direct subsidiary of Jarvis Plc (“Jarvis”). Administrators were appointed in respect of Jarvis on 26 March 2010 and it currently remains in administration.

The Company was incorporated in July 1993 and became part of the Jarvis group in April 1995 following the acquisition of the then construction business of Shanks & McEwan Group plc. The acquisition formed part of Jarvis’ expansion plans and enabled the then Jarvis group to consolidate its presence in Scotland and complete a national network of offices throughout the UK. The Company at that time changed its name accordingly from Shanks & McEwan Construction Limited to Jarvis Construction (Scotland) Limited.

During the expansion of Jarvis’ business the Company was the PFI business’ in-house and preferred construction provider for the purposes of all PFI projects across the country, and in August 1996 the Company changed its name to Jarvis Construction (UK) Limited.

From about mid-1990 Jarvis (which was at the time a construction business) undertook a programme of expansion, principally via debt-financed acquisitions. At the time of rail privatisation in 1996 Jarvis acquired a number of railway infrastructure businesses and, with the intention, amongst other things, of increasing its involvement in the PFI market, expanded its construction and facilities management businesses. In 2000, Jarvis created an ‘Accommodation Services’ division as part of its continued expansion in the PFI market and through this division Jarvis was able to offer an integrated design, build and facilities management package.

However, as a result of increased construction costs and overruns up to late 2004, the Company incurred significant financial losses during the construction of various PFI projects causing a substantial cash drain on the Group. These losses affected the financial stability and viability of the Jarvis group as a whole and Jarvis accordingly agreed to fund the group’s and the Company’s completion of, and exit from, construction activities.

With the planned and ongoing exit from construction activities the Company was dependent upon Jarvis to fund its business pending a completion of the Company’s exit from construction activities. However, in the absence of continued support from Jarvis following the Administration, the Company was unable to fund payments to creditors (including HM Revenue & Customs) as they fall due, complete remaining work or finalise a cessation and exit from its construction operations.

Ian Brown and Nick Edwards were therefore appointed Joint Liquidators of the Company on 7 July 2010.


  • Jarvis Construction (UK) Limited – First Progress Report
    Progress Report to Creditors dated 5 September 2011
  • Jarvis Construction (UK) Limited - Section 98 Report
    Report presented to meeting of creditors held on 7 July 2010
  • Jarvis Construction (UK) Limited - Contacts
    Ways to contact the team, and other relevant groups.

Use of website

It is the Liquidators’ intention to provide all statutory information to creditors by use of this website in accordance with new legislation introduced by the Insolvency (Amendment) Rules 2010.

All known creditors will be advised each time a new document has been uploaded to the website and the documents will remain on the website for the duration of the liquidation and for three months after the liquidation has ended.