Electro-Tec Leisure Systems Limited (In Liquidation)

All Insolvency Practitioners of Deloitte LLP are licensed in the UK.

Christopher James Farrington was appointed Liquidator of Electro-Tec Leisure Systems Limited (“the Company”) on 4 February 2011 by the Secretary of State.

The Company was subject to a winding- up order made on 7 December 2010, at which date the business ceased to trade.

All reports and notices uploaded to this website have been prepared for the sole purpose of updating the creditors for information purposes. These reports and notices may not be relied upon, referred to, reproduced or quoted from, in whole or in part, by creditors for any purposes other than updating them for information purposes, or by any other person for any purpose whatsoever.

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  • Contacts
    How to get in touch with the right people
  • Final Progress Report to Creditors
    View the Final Progress Report to Creditors.
  • Annual Report to Creditors
    View the Annual Report to Creditors year 3.

Use of website

It is the Liquidators intention to provide all statutory information to creditors by use of this website in accordance with new legislation introduced by the Insolvency (Amendment) Rules 2010.

All known creditors will be advised each time a new document has been uploaded to the website and the documents will remain on the website for the duration of the liquidation and for three months after the liquidation has ended.