Information quality

Unlocking the potential of your data

The availability of high quality information is fundamental to allow an organisation to;

  • Innovate
  • Differentiate themselves from their competitors
  • Respond to changing market conditions
  • Cut costs or understand customers

Although many companies have tried to use data as a means of creating competitive advantage, the majority have failed. In our experience this is due to a combination of:

  • A lack of a consistent approach to data management
  • A failure to interpret raw data for key business information
  • An inability to address the root causes of poor data quality

Our Information Quality offering is a proven framework, consisting of management information (MI) strategy, operational intelligence and data quality, that puts into place the processes and technology that turn corporate data into a functional business asset.  

MI strategy | Operational intelligence | Data quality | Why Deloitte? 

MI strategy  

Too many organisations make the mistake of considering their information strategy as a data and technology problem; one that can be solved by a technical team working remotely from the business. Instead we work in collaboration with you to develop the MI strategy that considers ‘people and process’ in addition to data and technology.
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Operational intelligence  

Using our modular and re-usable toolkit we select the right business process performance indicators that connect business processes with measures such as revenue, cost and working capital performance, which provides a direct link between your everyday operations and shareholder value.
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Data quality   

We define and implement a process to repair and measure the quality of your data. At first we focus on delivering quick business benefits, and then fine-tune the process in order to meet the more difficult challenges. Finally, we ensure that this quality process can be maintained once we leave.
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Why Deloitte?   

Our methods are based on our commercial experience and understanding of business issues across all industries. We do not sell technology and do not offer outsourced or managed IT services (although these may be recommendations we make). However, we do partner with best-of-breed vendors. This position means we are ideally placed to provide insight, objectivity, challenging the solutions available, and identifying the best tools and processes to drive your business forward through information quality. 
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