Marketing spend efficiency and effectiveness

Marketing spend efficiency and effectivenessAs companies face pressure to increase margins, demands to improve marketing effectiveness will continue to mount. Given the high proportion of revenues in areas managed by Marketing, Chief Marketing Officers are placed squarely in the crosshairs of the corporate agenda, managing the fine balance between brand and marketing investment and operational efficiency.

Opportunities for increased effectiveness and efficiency exist across the range of cost pools in the Marketing function.

Prioritising, pursuing, and realising improvements require the combined capabilities of talented marketers and third-party resources:

  • Avoiding across the board cuts but instead simplifying operations and reducing ineffective and low value programmes and functions
  • Combining focus, objectivity, tools, and methodologies
  • Identifying opportunities to differentiate in the marketplace and focusing on rapid realisation of benefit.

Deloitte’s team of experienced professionals helps marketers implement structural improvements to achieve truly substantial savings more rapidly across the entire Marketing function. Our approach is relevant to all clients, whatever their intent is towards their Marketing spend in the current down turn economy.

We have just launched our Marketing Measurement and Accountability Study. 
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