Marketing Effectiveness

Marketing has changed – never before has marketing played such an important role in organisations to deliver growth. Yet it is under pressure from different forces:

  • External – A new breed of consumer and media causing a need for personalised consumer experience while the explosion of consumer data has created a need for insights and analytics;
  • Internal – Organisations are struggling with the pressures of accountability and measurement of marketing effectiveness while also coping with the misalignment about the role of Marketing among the C-suite.

At Deloitte, we work with our clients to translate organisational goals into executable marketing strategies, plans and actions. Our team of over 70 marketing experts, working in collaboration with the breadth of Deloitte specialists across the Firm, means we are uniquely placed to optimise the end-to-end Marketing Value Chain to achieve business goals and enhance the profile of marketing within an organisation.

Marketing effectiveness is derived from a closed loop chain whereby corporate strategy feeds into marketing strategy. Once this strategy is executed and evaluated, this in turn informs subsequent corporate strategy, forming a virtuous circle. We align our services to each of the stages in this chain to provide real value throughout the overall process.

We have five core propositions spanning the value chain: 

Research and insight

  • Next best action: Driving customer value through a rich and relevant multichannel experience in Financial Services
    Banks in particular have recognised the need to deepen customer relationships and grow the profitability of their existing customer base.
  • Marketing Confidence Monitor
    Understand marketers’ attitudes, sentiment and outlook for the quarter ahead: read the Marketing Confidence Monitor, a project of The Chartered Institute of Marketing, supported by Deloitte and Forbes.
  • Agency management: Who manages who?
    Marketing agencies are essential for business success. They are responsible for delivering the company’s most valuable asset, the brand and are responsible for delivering the communications that drive business growth.
  • Improving marketing effectiveness (download the report)
    The Chartered Institute of Marketing joined forces to explore how improved accountability and measurement could support business’ desires to drive growth and higher performance through customer focus and a more strategic approach to marketing investment.