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Calls for increased accountability and investment justification, amplified by the recent recessional conditions, are likely to increase over coming years. Markets remain in a state of change and the profound effects of our current economic cycle continues to impact customer and consumer values, attitudes and behaviours into the longer term.

With the pace and scale of change in the global economy, The Chartered Institute of Marketing and Deloitte are joining forces to create a new insight for this new era - a set of leading practices in marketing performance measurement - to help business and marketing leaders identify, direct and quantify the business impact of marketing and customer investments.

The Marketing Measurement and Accountability Study is a continuation of Deloitte’s and the CIM’s research into marketing practices. Previous supporting studies have included Deloitte’s 2007 “Marketing in 3D” report and the CIM’s 2009 “In Search of a Strategic Role for Marketing” report. 

From the 5 February, we are inviting all senior marketers and business leaders to contribute to this important new research initiative by completing a 10 minute online quantitative questionnaire. All participants will be able to view their benchmarked results charted instantly against their industry peers. The detailed findings of this research will be shared in March 2010 at a London venue and those who participate by completing the benchmark will receive a copy of the summary findings. All individual results will of course only be available to Deloitte and the CIM under the strictest confidence.

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If you would like further information on the Marketing Measurement and Accountability Study, please contact the team at Thank you in advance for your support.

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