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Customer satisfaction and retention strategies are high on many organisations' agendas as they work to reduce cost-to-serve, potentially while returning to growth. The disproportionate benefit of retaining and growing an existing customer, compared to acquiring a new one, is well understood.

The Customer Service Leader’s role is becoming ever broader and more complex. With new technologies changing the way that organisations interact with their customers, offering both challenges and opportunities, the Customer Service Leader now needs to demonstrate how the customer service function can provide real value to the organisation and its customers, rather than just reducing its cost.

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Research and insight

  • Customer service in the digital age - Responding to digital disruption and rising customer expectations
    In our previous paper, we outlined how organisations can start to become more customer-centric. Key to this approach was the need to understand and adapt to customer needs and behaviours as they change.
  • How to deliver a truly tailored customer service
    Our latest publication explores fresh developments in managing customers across their lifecycle that allow customer leaders to deliver a tailored service that suits their customers, and themselves.
  • Reducing costs from marketing, sales and service functions
    For many organisations, delighting customers and driving up customer revenues at the right cost is a constant tension between sales and marketing, customer service and finance.