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  • Five questions on the evolution of cyber security
    This issue of Risk Angles discusses how an evolutionary approach to cyber security is key to staying ahead of cyber criminals and the competition.
  • No such thing as hacker-proof
    Many organisations may have a false sense of security, perhaps even complacency, resulting from their investments in non-agile security tools and processes they have relied on for years. They are failing to detect long-dwell cybercrimes in their IT environments and misallocating limited resources to lesser, more generic threats. Basic security blocking and tackling is valuable, but is in no way sufficient.
  • Your cyber attack mitigation?
    Your infrastructure is no longer a closed system with a single managed gateway to the outside world. A cyber attack that disrupts communications and prevents the use of one or more systems could have a serious impact on business operations. Having a cyber attack mitigation strategy defined prior to an attack allows organisations to respond efficiently, consistently and reasonably to the event.
  • What you don’t know could hurt you
    Could it happen to us? Alarmed by an uptick in cyber attacks on high-profile businesses, many boards of directors are asking their executive teams just that question. Unfortunately , at most companies, the short answer may well be that it’s already happening.
  • Five questions about managing cyber risk
    With cyber attacks becoming more common, companies are taking a closer look at how their organizations manage and mitigate potential cyber threats.


A more secure consumer?

A more secure consumer?
With over 4.6M UK consumers falling victim to online crime and 30% claiming to be victims of cybersquatting less than half of UK consumers trust companies data security procedures. Find out Deloitte’s perspectives on how consumer businesses should rethink their cyber security strategy .

P@$$1234: The end of strong password-only security

P@$$1234: The end of strong password-only security
In 2013 more than 90 percent of user-generated passwords, even those considered strong by IT departments, will be vulnerable to hacking. Inadequate password protection may result in billions of dollars of losses, declining confidence in Internet transactions and significant damage to the reputations of the companies compromised by attacks.

Blurring the lines: Information security in a world without boundaries

Blurring the lines
Welcome to our sixth annual worldwide study report of information security practices in Technology, Media, and Telecommunications (TMT). Information security challenges continue to make headlines. To find out what businesses are doing to fight back, we surveyed executives from over 120 of the world’s largest TMT companies. The results are both surprising and enlightening.

Breaking Barriers
Read Deloitte’s eighth survey report into information security practices in the financial services industry. Released in September 2012, it looks at key findings such as the removal of barriers to achieve stronger information security relationships, the adoption of new technologies and the increasing need to police cyber threats.