Geopolitical Risk Analysis

The inside track on external threats

Geopolitical Risk AnalysisOrganisations today require a clear overview of their external risk exposure in order to make informed decisions. Recent events, such as large scale disasters or the Arab Spring have further highlighted the need for better risk intelligence.


Watch Mark Naysmith, Lead Director of Corporate Security, and Paddy Ogilvy, Chief Geopolitical Risk Analyst, speak about Deloitte’s Geographic  Information System which enables you to visualise business risks on a single, integrated platform.  

What are the challenges?

  • Understanding the wide spectrum of global risks is time consuming and resource intensive
  • Reliance upon multiple different sources to collate and verify the data
  • Addressing both strategic and tactical issues that could occur at local, national and regional levels.

How can Deloitte help?

Deloitte’s easy-to-use Geographic Information System (GIS) HORUS, enables organisations to collate, visualise and analyse relevant risks and threat levels on a single integrated platform.

Key features:

  • Strategic, tactical and operational risk management tailored to meet business requirements of multiple stakeholders
  • Delegated decision-making during incident or crisis response
  • Location intelligence
  • Cost optimisation and improved efficiency
  • Consistency and uniformity
  • Log, audit and review via internal tracking functionality.

Geopolitical Risk Analysis Geopolitical Risk Analysis: The inside track on external threats