Process and control design

A key requirement for management today is the need to dramatically reduce the cost of doing business. Cost efficiencies are usually gained through both reducing the number of duplicated controls and through automation. We recognise that there is an optimum level which needs to be found between reducing the cost of operations and the increasing risk that the organisation faces if the controls are not well defined or carried out.

Common issues

Specialist knowledge limitations
The complexity of Oracle and lack of out-of-the-box reporting can result in organisations being unaware of the status of their process controls and thus their risk exposure. Process controls need to be identified, configured, and employees need to be educated about the control environment.

Current SAP controls are ineffective
Reoccurring audit issues with no practical implementation recommendations. We have defined good practice Oracle business process controls and the optimal way to achieve compliance through implementation of efficient and effective controls.

Automated and system controls are underutilised
Manual controls are used rather than enabling available Oracle automated process controls. There is a perception that manual controls are easier to identify and can be cheaper to initially implement, however manual controls are often resource intensive, detective and often occur too late in the process. We can unlock the hidden value within ERP environments by identifying where you are not maximising the benefits of out-of -the-box application controls.

Getting the controls balance wrong results in inefficient or excessive process controls impacting the bottom line or leaving your organisation exposed.

Our solution

Deloitte will work with you to assess, implement and optimise your Oracle controls to overcome the process control challenges:

Controls assessment
We will assist you in gaining control through increased visibility by utilising automated assessment tools to report on the current status of your organisation’s Oracle controls. Using our team of specialists with deep Oracle data analytics skills you will, not only obtain real-time assurance on your automated process controls, but also focus on reducing costs, increasing revenue, enhancing compliance and releasing working capital by allowing you to interrogate 100% of your transactional data within your Oracle system.

Controls implementation
We will help you get the controls right from the start by working as part of your Oracle implementation programme to design and embed controls within the initial solution.

Controls optimisation
We will optimise your Oracle process controls through automation and rationalisation to streamline existing controls or implement automated controls solutions.