Data leakage prevention

Quantifying the risk

Data leakage prevention


All organisations hold sensitive data that customers, business partners, regulators, shareholders and the Board expect them to protect. Despite this, high profile security breaches involving personal and corporate data continue. The impact of regulatory intervention combined with negative publicity and public perception is prompting organisations to take immediate measures to understand the sensitive information they hold, how it is controlled and how to prevent it from being leaked.

Key findings

The key questions any organisation needs to answer are:

  • What is our confidential data?
  • Where is our confidential data logically and physically stored?
  • How is it being used?
  • How is the risk of a leak being minimised?

We use powerful technology solutions that help answer these questions and, through a short risk assessment, will quantify the risk clients may be facing in relation to data leakage.


Download Quantifying the risk – Data leakage prevention (PDF)