Overview of our Corporate Responsibility services

Maximising opportunities and minimising risk


Overview of our Corporate Responsibility servicesIncreasingly, companies are measured by more than their bottom line. To address a growing number of stakeholders and meet their rising expectations, companies are adopting a variety of environmental, social and governance initiatives to demonstrate corporate responsibility (CR). Leading organisations are finding that through the adoption of robust CR frameworks, performance measures and an integrated strategy, they can achieve real and sustained business value.

Most companies are aware of the reputational, regulatory and even financial risks that can arise if they fail to act responsibly with regards to the marketplace, workplace, community and environment. Deloitte understands that effective corporate responsibility is about identifying where environmental and social benefits converge with good governance to create economic value.

How we can help

Regardless of where your company is on the evolutionary path of corporate responsibility, there are always opportunities to take your strategy, operations, supply chain, and interactions with internal and external stakeholders to the next level.

Deloitte’s team of corporate responsibility advisors deliver a range of consulting solutions to support you on this path towards effective corporate responsibility management. Helping to increase the credibility and inclusiveness of your corporate responsibility report, our team is recognised as a leader in delivering value added assurance.

For further information,  download our overview of our CR sevices (67 KB, PDF).