Reporting, Assurance, Communication & Branding

In response to stronger and more sophisticated stakeholder demands, the responsible management of environmental, workforce, marketplace and community issues is gaining significant strategic importance for many businesses.

Your challenge

An increasing number of organisations want to do – and be seen to do – the right thing in terms of corporate responsibility. Accordingly, more-and-more organisations are voluntarily reporting on their non-financial performance. To ensure the integrity and comprehensiveness of their sustainability reporting, they are turning to independent advisers to provide visible and credible assurance.

Our services

To meet these challenges, Deloitte offer services in the following areas:

Stakeholder engagement & communication planning

Engaging with stakeholders is an essential capability of companies who wish to achieve sustainable practice. Done well, effective stakeholder engagement can improve the effectiveness of a company’s decision-making and communications. Developing effective stakeholder engagements requires an understanding of stakeholder influence, sustainability issues, stakeholder engagement approaches and business processes. We can deliver bespoke solutions that help you to:

  • Address all key stakeholders of the company, from employees and customers to investors, government and local communities
  • Invest in understanding and responding to stakeholder concerns and expectations
  • Inform your business decision-making processes, through being embedded in your management structures.
Data capture, measurement, reporting process & monitoring advisory

Increasingly, companies are measured by more than their financial bottom line; often, they are now reporting on a variety of environmental and social indicators to demonstrate responsible business operations. We can help you to:

  • Develop and prioritise internal and external Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure performance of corporate responsibility programmes
  • Review internal processes and infrastructure required to gather performance data
  • Map non-financial indicators to business value.
Sustainability disclosure & reporting advisory

An external corporate responsibility report is a company’s opportunity to project their sustainability vision, strategy, activities, performance and future goals to a broad range of stakeholders. There has also been an increasing trend towards narrative corporate responsibility reporting within Annual Reports and Accounts.
Whether you are producing your first corporate responsibility report or the latest in a series, we can help you:

  • Benchmark your report against leading practice
  • Analyse your CR report using the Deloitte Reporting Scorecard
  • Map areas for improvement
  • Engage with stakeholders to understand the key issues to cover
  • Assist you with report compilation
  • Develop content of both online and hard copy reports
  • Independently assure your report.
Internal audit

In response to greater risk driven by increased regulation and heightened stakeholder expectations around sustainability, companies are adopting a variety of new environmental, social and governance initiatives to demonstrate corporate responsibility (CR). Our dedicated CR team deploys experience of linking corporate responsibility to risk, delivering specialist resource and valuable insight within internal audit and risk management programmes. Our services include:

  • Development and updating of CR elements of the corporate risk register, including use of Deloitte’s Business Risk Model.
  • Subject matter expertise / full delivery of CR internal audits, from broad to focused scope (e.g. health and safety, environment).
Brand & reputation management

There is a significant and growing opportunity for market differentiation associated with sustainability issues.  However, marketing initiatives based on green or sustainability credentials need to be authentic, otherwise there is potential exposure to regulatory risk and brand/reputation erosion. We can help you to:

  • Base your claims on defensible evidence
  • Build the relevant controls into your marketing process to avoid reputational risks
  • Integrate environmental and social considerations into brand guidelines
  • Train marketers on how to improve their understanding of the sustainability agenda, including the risks and opportunities to the brand
  • Provide brand enhancement as part of carbon labelling certifications such as the Carbon Footprint Label (Carbon Trust) and Planet Positive
  • Ensure independent assurance over key sustainability claims.