Carbon Markets & Offsets

With the advent of the Kyoto Protocol and the EU Emissions Trading Scheme a multi-billion market was created in carbon credits. In parallel, customer concern on climate change has spawned a new voluntary market in carbon specifically aimed at those organisations that are outside of cap and trade schemes, but wish to offset their carbon emissions.

Your challenge

Whilst carbon offsetting can offer real and tangible carbon reductions, there are a number of significant challenges in terms of public perception and in ensuring validity. Key issues in developing an offset purchase strategy include:

  • Definition and boundary - What is your defined boundary and have you been transparent in reporting this? Have you followed the latest DEFRA and Carbon Trust guidance?
  • Reduction strategies - Offsetting should only be undertaken for unavoidable emissions. It must form a part of your overall reduction strategy.
  • Offset selection and pricing - There are a myriad of offset solutions with a multitude of possible types of carbon credits such as EUA’s, CER’s and VER’s.

Our services

Definition, boundary and measurement

We will work with you to develop a robust and defensible boundary based on accepted definitions.

Carbon Markets

We can advise you on acquisition approach and purchase price. In addition we can also develop solutions for you to create your own credits, if your business model allows.

Offset strategy

We will develop an integrated offset strategy that forms a part of your overall reduction plan. We will help select offset solutions that meet your specific regulatory or voluntary targets.