Divestment Survey 2012

Is breaking up hard to do?

Divestment Survey 2012 Is breaking up hard to do?


Markets have always found it easier to understand acquisitions than divestments. Acquisitions are exciting and positive, a sign that a company is moving forward, while divestments have often been viewed as a retrograde step, a sign of failure. Whereas companies have traditionally explained acquisitions in terms of added value and beneficial for earnings, divestments have been seen as a harder sell.

That divestments create value is more than conjecture: in a recent Deloitte report it was found that divestments are viewed favourably by investors. This is particularly true in the mid-market, where two-thirds of companies completing divestments outperformed their index. Further Deloitte research has also indicated a huge (92%) rise in divestments from £130bn in 2011 to £250bn in 2012 as companies restructure their business portfolios to bolster their balance sheets.

This survey assesses and analyses the success of companies that have made recent divestments in a number of key areas. In particular the survey focuses on where they created value, and where value is left on the table.


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