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Africa Services GroupAfrica is going through an exciting period of growth. While Europe struggles to recover from recession, the African markets are experiencing GDP growth rates of up to 9 percent. Booming populations, rising living standards and improvements in education are supporting this growing continental economy.

While South Africa is in many ways a gateway to the rest of Africa, we are also seeing many opportunities in Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Guinea and other parts of the continent.

The Africa Services Group has been working out of the London office since 1979. We have a well established relationship with the African offices and have developed a culture of cross-border working which has delivered Deloitte UK and Africa seamlessly to our clients.

Over the years, there has been an enormous appetite by companies in Africa to grow their global footprints and for many that has meant moving their primary listings to London and raising capital in the London markets through AIM and the full board.

In addition to supporting those transactions, our advisory, tax and assurance teams work with subsidiaries of African companies based in the UK. Similarly our African firms work with the African subsidiaries of UK companies.

Research and insights

Deloitte on Africa Deloitte on Africa
“Investing in Africa” is a common phrase these days, yet, the question begs, how does one approach a continent of 54 countries with a diverse array of economic, socio-cultural, political, and environmental landscapes for investments.


Africa Services Group