Managing rapid change is a vital skill in the telecommunications industry.

Four key industry drivers - competition, customers, deregulation and technology advances - are forcing telecommunications companies to reorganise around customers, expand markets and upgrade infrastructure.

We recognise these challenges and focus on solutions for both service providers and equipment manufacturers.

Mobile Consumer 2014: The UK cut

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  • Mobile Consumer 2014: The UK cut
    Our fourth annual edition of the UK Mobile Consumer survey analyses the five key sub trends that we see happening in the mobile industry.
  • TMT Predictions 2014 out now!
    An in depth view of the major trends to impact the Telecoms sector in the coming year.
  • 2013 Global Mobile Consumer Survey: The UK cut
    This year’s research allows us to draw fascinating insights based on data from 4,000 UK consumers, double the amount that were sampled in 2012. More broadly there were 37,600 respondents from consumers across 20 countries and four continents.