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"Loves me, Loves me not"


Loves me, loves me not

Official Guide to the Edinburgh International TV Festival 

Deloitte is proud to have been invited to support the MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television festival (MGEITF) again this year, by publishing its official report on the UK television sector, entitled: “Loves me, Loves me not”.

“Loves me, Loves me not” focuses on six hot industry trends set to be debated at this year's festival: the rise of Internet television, advertising television, trust in television, technology futures, the role and scope of Public Service Broadcasting and production.

It addresses burning questions pertinent to the industry, such as:

Will Internet television herald the end of broadcast, or might this be the start of a beautiful relationship? Can advertising, which seems to be dedicating more and more attention to the Internet, stay close to television? Can the relationship between the UK public and its television industry survive the breach of trust, or was trust never a pre-requisite for most viewers? Will technology drive UK television and its viewers further apart, or bring them together? Is PSB essential to UK television's charm? Does a trimmer budget also mean a leaner audience?

“Loves me, Loves me Not”, was distributed to all executives attending the Festival and was included in the pack provided to all 2,000 delegates at the event, positioning Deloitte as the official provider of insight.

The report looks at the following:

  • Internet television gets respectable: prospects for clips and catch-up
  • Advertising for television forever: commercial developments
  • Will you still trust me tomorrow: trust in television
  • We love PSB: the outlook for public service
  • Sets, drives and terabytes: technology and television
  • No bear hug required: trends in production.

Deloitte Image  Download your copy of the report (PDF 1197KB).

About the MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television Festival

Each August year, Edinburgh hosts to a month long series of festivals covering all aspects of arts and cultural.  The festival culminates with the MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television Festival (MGEITF).  This is the most significant event of the year for the television industry and brings together top industry executives from across the UK and Europe.

Founded in 1976 and now in its 33rd successful year, the festival attracts more than 2,000 television industry executives, TV personalities, distributors, and press. This year the MGEITF opens with Jeremy Paxman, and includes sessions such as ‘Trust me… I’m in Telly’, ‘I’m a TV God’, and ‘Don’t Mention Islam’.


  • Jolyon Barker, Head of UK Technology, Media & Telecommunications practice
  • Ed Shedd, Head of UK Media practice