New shapes and sizes

Why agility must follow austerity in the new digital age

New Shapes and sizes



The downturn and long-term structural changes brought about by online media consumption have helped create unprecedented operational, organisational and financial challenges for the media industry. In this context Deloitte and Spencer Stuart interviewed business leaders at the forefront of digital media across the UK landscape to understand the challenges around implementing digital strategies.

Key findings

If Media leaders are able to resize and reshape their organisations, they will be in a much stronger position to deliver long term success. Undeniably, such changes will be hugely challenging, yet they could also potentially offer opportunities to deliver reforms that might otherwise be resisted when it is ‘business as usual’.

By drawing on some of the experiences and approaches outlined in this report, Media leaders can prepare for the likely pressures ahead. Such approaches can help organisations to develop a size and shape that is more robust, thus enabling them to emerge from the recession stronger and achieve more – with less – in the future.