Issues and solutions

Within the Betting and Gaming industry

We advise the industry on the significant issues it faces. In response we focus on the following initiatives:

  • Reducing your cost to sell and serve
    For many organisations, delighting customers and driving up customer revenues at the right cost is a constant tension between sales and marketing, customer service and finance. But in today’s tough markets your customer and commercial strategy and the cost of marketing sales and service functions are receiving additional attention. Your challenge is to cut costs from these customer-facing functions while retaining customers and even growing market share. Without this balance, success after the downturn may well be limited.
  • Managing operational risk and maintaining stakeholder confidence
    Trust is central to the reputation of online betting and gaming operators. Easy to and hard to build, to be trusted by customer, investors and suppliers is key to the success of players in the industry. As the industry continues to mature and consolidate a robust and secure operating and control environment will be critical to maintaining this trust. Deloitte is a leading advisor to the betting and gaming sector with a depth of experience across casinos, betting and online. We work with the world’s leading bricks and mortar and online operators.
  • Customer Relationship Management
    With the impact of the smoking ban, changes in rules regarding S16/21 machines and tax rises on the one hand; and the relaxations provided by the 2005 Act such as freedom to advertise on the other - the importance of customer relationship management continues to be critical to an operator's competitive advantage. Retaining customers, cross-selling and broadening the selling opportunities will be key to maximising the opportunities in the new market.
  • Consolidation in the Online market
    Consolidation in the Online Gaming market has been talked of for some time as the market continues to mature, and with the impact of the economic downturn and prospect of new regulations in a number of jurisdictions, activity and interest continues. We have the skills and experience to help you is assessing potential transactions, their potential pitfalls and value.