Landing slot valuations

For many airlines landing slots are one of their most significant assets. However, the market in airport landing slots is still maturing and valuation is a complex and sometimes controversial subject. It requires an in-depth understanding of the relevant market and the asset, together with financial and non-financial information. An understanding of the value of individual slots, or portfolios of slots, can assist strategic decision making and ensure airlines maximise the value of the holdings.

Effective valuation advice combines the right blend of analysis, experience and professional judgment.

Who we are

Deloitte’s Aviation Group specialises in providing professional services to the aviation industry including airlines, airports, aircraft lessors, ground handling, air traffic control and civil aviation authorities. The group comprises of a multidisciplinary network of 510 industry practitioners in all the major aviation centres and continues to expand. Out of this group Deloitte member firms serve 80% of transportation companies in the Fortune Global 500, including 5 of the 6 airlines.

Graham Pickett, Deloitte’s head of aviation in EMEA, has worked with all the major UK airlines over the last 15 years and with a large number of other major international airlines on a variety of projects.

Our Valuations group includes qualified ACAs, MBAs, CFA Charter holders and economists from a variety of backgrounds who bring to bear their qualifications and experience for the benefit of our clients. The UK group is a key member of our global valuation network; this provides our clients with access to a team of over 1,200 dedicated valuation professionals operating in all major markets and jurisdictions.

What we do

We have extensive experience of valuating landing slots and other aviation assets in a variety of contexts. We draw on the deep industry knowledge and commercial perspective of aviation group and apply the highest level of technical rigour, in addition to the insights and experience gained from performing numerous major assignments in the UK and internationally every year.

How we can help

We are happy to discuss landing slot valuation matters and can provide valuation services to assist with the following or in other situations:

  • Sale or purchase of landing slots
  • Route profitability analysis
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Valuations for accounting purposes
  • Litigation, arbitration, expert determination and disputes
  • Reorganisation, turnaround and recapitalisation

Contact us

Graham Pickett, Partner, Aviation Sector Leader 
Andrew Robinson, Partner, Valuations 
Doug Eastman, Director, Valuations 
Charles Morelli, Senior Manager, Aviation Sector