What our clients say

Sports Business Group testimonials - by sport


“The Deloitte Annual Review of Football Finance is a very good read and continues to be the definitive source of this type of information in the game. Another excellent publication.”
Richard Scudamore, Chief Executive, The Premier League

"The Sports Business Group at Deloitte are clearly the leading commentators and analysts on the business side of football"
Commercial Director, Real Madrid

“The Sports Business Group’s reports are damned good pieces of work.”
Mike Lee, former Communications Director, UEFA and London 2012

“The Deloitte team has continued to provide excellent support and assistance to Everton FC on a range of business matters. The team led by Dan continues to impress given their professionalism, excellent sector knowledge and commercial acumen.”
Robert Elstone, Chief Executive, Everton FC


“I have been very impressed by Deloitte’s knowledge of the sports industry in general and racing in particular. I hope we will have the opportunity to work with you again at some point in the future.”
Janet Walker, Finance Director, Ascot Racecourse

“The Economic Impact Study of British Racing is an exceptionally compelling document. Thank you.”
Greg Nichols, Chief Executive, British Horseracing Board

Rugby Union  

“The Sports Business Group at Deloitte has provided invaluable support to the IRB and Rugby Union in general. The Group's understanding of the financial and commercial structure of top-tier Rugby Union is unparalleled. This knowledge coupled with their understanding of the wider sports industry has meant that Deloitte has played a crucial role in helping Rugby Union understand the key trends within the sport and challenges that it faces as it continues to grow in popularity around the world."
Mike Miller, Chief Executive, International Rugby Board

"Deloitte's Rugby World Cup economic impact study was excellent. Deloitte have a real insight into major events and showed rigour in assessing the economic impact that the Rugby World Cup has on host nations"
Robert Brophy, Head of Finance, International Rugby Board


"In their completion of a detailed review of ECB's grass roots networks Deloitte sports group have displayed significant background knowledge of both cricket and the operation of sports business in general. Working to very tight timelines Deloitte have prepared a high quality and comprehensive document that demonstrates a strong level of understanding of the issues the game faces."
Andy Folwell, Group Financial Controller, ECB

“We are delighted with Deloitte’s innovative solutions and professionalism, which assisted us in modernising and developing our organisation further.”
Jim Cumbes, Chief Executive, Lancashire County cricket Club


“I thought (as did the board) that the study was absolutely perfect. I always knew you guys were going to deliver but it is very reassuring that quality, rigour and thoroughness came with a great result.”
Etienne de Villiers, Chairman, ATP (Mens’ professional tennis world tour)

“Deloitte always provide us with in-depth analysis and useful insights for men’s tennis, and have a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to draw from. This, coupled with their financial rigour and phenomenal responsiveness, has proved invaluable in helping inform and shape our strategy towards the changes to the ATP World Tour Calendar.”
Flip Galloway, Chief Operating Officer, ATP (Mens’ professional tennis world tour)

“'I've been impressed with your work and I'm glad the WTA Tour is in good hands with Deloitte.”
Larry Scott, (Former) Chairman and CEO, WTA (Womens’ professional tennis world tour)


“The due diligence report prepared by Deloitte for our successful acquisition of Dorna (owners of MotoGP) in 2006 was high quality despite being prepared in a very tight timeframe. The Deloitte team had a good understanding of the unique position of the business and the opportunities it has available to it in the future.”
John Davison, Bridgepoint Capital

Other sports  

“The Sports Business Group have a detailed understanding of the economic impact of major events and their analysis was extremely valuable. They delivered an excellent report illustrating the impact that the Race had in terms of visitors, revenue and economic impact both on the local region and the rest of Ireland.”
Fiona Bolger, Communications Director, Let’s Do It Galway

“Deloitte’s report on the Economic Impact of The 2006 Ryder Cup is the most robust and comprehensive assessment of the event ever conducted. Of all the research and data we collected, this report is without doubt the most important.”
Simon Cory-Wright, Marketing Manager, Ryder Cup Europe LLP

Public sector  

“As a senior officer in the public sector this project was a complete departure from my normal work and Deloitte's advice proved invaluable. The reports presented by the Group were always clear and concise.”
Roger Jones, Director of Resources, Carmarthenshire County Council

“The Sports Business Group’s review of the Hampshire CCC Business Plan was an excellent piece of work. Their detailed understanding of the issues, ability to deliver within a limited timeframe, and high quality output, provided a sound base for much of our projections and is a crucial element of our due diligence process.”
Nick Tustian, Eastleigh Borough Council

“Deloitte’s “Investing in Change” was an important piece of work, based as it was on a comprehensive consultation of UK and Home Country national governing bodies. Both Deloitte’s report, and the success criteria/model framework that accompanied it, have proved immensely valuable in the Sports Councils’ work to modernise further the operation of NGBs. In addition, the framework has been very well received and used widely by NGBs themselves. It has become the centrepiece of the Modernisation Programme.”
UK Sport

“The General Council members are all aware of your outstanding contribution to sport and physical recreation, and especially the significant contribution you made to the CASCs tax and rate relief measures.”
Margaret Talbot, Chief Executive CCPR