9. Internazionale

Deloitte Football Money League 2011

2010 revenue 2009 revenue 2009 position
€224.8m (£184.1m) €196.5m (£167.4m) (9)

Despite growing revenue by €28.3m (14%) to €224.8m (£184.1m) and winning every competition that they entered in 2009/10, Internazionale remain in ninth place in the Money League. Whilst the increase in revenue saw Inter surpass their compatriots Juventus and close the gap on Liverpool in eighth position to less than €1m, the Nerrazzurri will be most disappointed in being overtaken by their city rivals AC Milan.

Internazionale revenue

On the pitch, Inter, under the management of the selfproclaimed ‘Special One’, created history during 2009/10 becoming the first Italian side to win the Scudetto, the Coppa Italia and the UEFA Champions League in a single season.

This success generated matchday revenue of €38.6m (£31.6m), a €10.4m (37%) increase on 2008/09, the highest of all the Italian clubs, yet still only the twelfth highest overall. Matchday revenue still only accounts for 17% of the club’s total revenue and will need to be grown further if Inter are to climb higher in the Money League. Plans were announced to redevelop the San Siro as part of Italy’s UEFA Euro 2016 bid, however as the bid was unsuccessful it remains to be seen if the renovation plans will still go ahead.

Inter’s 2009/10 broadcast revenue increased by €22.2m (19%) on 2008/09 largely owing to the victorious Champions League campaign, which earned the club €48.8m in UEFA central distributions, compared to €28.3m in 2008/09. 

The €137.9m (£112.9m) of broadcast revenue generated in 2009/10 is the fourth highest amongst Money League clubs, only bettered by the Spanish giants, Barcelona and Real Madrid, and their city rivals AC Milan. As with their neighbours, Inter will face challenges in maintaining this level in 2010/11 given the return to collective selling of Serie A broadcast rights.

Commercial revenue in 2009/10 decreased by €4.3m (8%) to €48.3m (£39.6m) owing to a reduction in both the revenue received from the club’s kit supplier, Nike, and the value received from general club sponsors, partially offset by a €3.8m increase in the club’s shirt sponsorship deal with Pirelli. Despite the €13.1m and €13.8m received from Pirelli and Nike respectively, Inter’s 2009/10 commercial revenue was only fourteenth highest amongst Money League clubs.

In 2010/11 Inter have already added the Italian Supercup and the FIFA World Club Cup to their bulging trophy cabinet, but the departure of new manager Rafael Benitez after just six months in charge and a disappointing first half of the domestic season leaves the club with plenty to do if it is to emulate its achievements of 2009/10 and climb higher in next year’s Money League.

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