Strategic business planning

Business plans underpin the operational implementation of the organisation’s short and medium term strategy. However, in most cases the development of the business plan itself is preceded by a process of developing, refining or reviewing the organisation’s overall strategy and key goals.

In advance of the development of the business plan document it is therefore useful to agree the organisation’s strategic direction, and key objectives underpinning this strategy.

This process can be facilitated by a workshop process to review the organisation’s strategy in the context of market, environment and competitor analysis and facilitate the identification of key opportunities for revenue growth through the business plan.

It is beneficial for an organisation to take a step back from day to day management to re-evaluate their priorities and key goals. As expert external consultants, independent of the business we can bring a number of benefits to this process:

  • experience and learning points from multiple previous business planning projects;
  • an objective viewpoint to advise and challenge management’s views
  • a working understanding of sports organisations and the markets in which you operate
  • experience of designing and facilitating workshops to ensure maximum productivity from your time investment.

Our business planning workshops are tailored to reflect specific client needs, but are also founded upon an approach tried and tested over numerous projects.