Up front

Insights for corporate M&A and private equity

Up front


After a challenging year for M&A the tide appears to be turning. Business and consumer confidence have risen sharply since the middle of 2009 and most leading indicators of activity signal some growth ahead.

With this market outlook providing a backdrop, the second edition of Up front “The rules have changed”, brings together the forefront of thinking from a wide range of leading commentators on the outlook for M&A in 2010 and beyond.

Launched in conjunction with our sponsorship of the SuperReturn International Conference, Up front includes:

  • Personal viewpoints:
    • Primed to pounce
      Bob Diamond, chief executive of Barclays Capital, assesses deal-making in 2010 and explains how the Lehman Bros acquisition transformed the bank
    • Deal Makers are here for the long haul
      Michael Smith, Chairman of CVC Capital Partners, explains why the credit crisis has reinforced the fundamentals of the private equity model
  • Deloitte view: The economic outlook: Recovery beckons
    A look at the impact of rising markets on M&A
  • Big issues: Banks flex their muscles in workouts
    Lessons learned from the recent wave of restructuring
  • Corporate M&A view
    Mark Stride, Managing Director Corporate Development, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Big issues: New horizons for debt markets
    Emerging sources of funding and liquidity
  • The SuperReturn interviews: The future of private equity
    David Blitzer, Johannes Huth, Michael Queen, and Toby Wyles share their views on aspects of the future of private equity
  • Big issues: Where’s the exit?
    Smart approach required to benefit from a brightening IPO outlook
  • Corporate M&A view
    Lindsey McMurray, Head of Global Banking Markets, Royal Bank of Scotland plc
  • Deloitte view: Divorce is good
    Creating value from separation of non-core assets
  • The big debate: Regulation bites
    The impact of the proposed EU directive on AIFM
  • Big issues: Rewards re-assessed
    How should management be rewarded in the new economic environment?
  • Deloitte view: Tax, politics and shopping
    Is the Australian Tax Office changing the rules of PE?
  • Corporate M&A view
    Francois-Philippe Champagne, Strategic Development Director, AMEC plc