2010 Guide to grants for manufacturers

2010 Guide to grants for manufacturersDeloitte’s Regional Development Service team has compiled a comprehensive overview of current funding opportunities for the manufacturing sector.

Hundreds of millions of pounds worth of funding is available for manufacturers on an annual basis to support the development of their business in the UK. However, it can be difficult to identify the appropriate scheme, the key drivers behind the scheme and the chance of success as schemes are frequently discretionary.  To start this process manufacturists need to be able to define the investment plans.

Deloitte's Regional Development Service team has over 15 years of experience accessing grants and work with more than 500 grant colleagues to help manufacturers access grants and incentives around the world. The team may help your operations grow and maximise their potential by taking advantage of credits and incentives. 

If you believe you may be eligible for support or simply would like to find out more, please contact  Alistair Davies or Emma Kahan.

For more information, please replay the current web seminar or download 2010 Guide to grants for manufacturers (PDF, 394 KB).