Life Sciences & Healthcare

Clear advice in an uncertain world

The global life sciences industry continues to face periods of uncertainty, with mounting pressures experienced across the sector.

We look at issues such as increased regulation, dialogue on personalised healthcare programmes, the ubiquitous need to innovate and pricing pressures on an already challenged industry by those that end up paying the bill.

In addition, the UK industry is having to tackle mounting challenges and competition from around the world as countries like India emerge. Our industry specialists from across Deloitte provide an extensive depth of knowledge on the range of current issues experienced by the pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical device and private healthcare industries.

Transforming care at the end-of-life: Dying well matters

Introducing a new metric to understand the return on investment in talent Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions’ new report discusses the need to provide more effective and compassionate care at the end-of-life. It covers: the current state of end-of-life care, the challenges that need to be addressed and the potential solutions for transforming end-of-life care for all. Read the full report

Research and insight

  • Guideposts Dementia Information Prescription
    Post-diagnostic support is key to effective care for people with dementia and their carers. Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions evaluates one approach, Dementia Information Prescription (DIP), developed by the Guideposts Trust.
  • Routes from Diagnosis
    Macmillan’s Routes from Diagnosis research programme, in partnership with Monitor Deloitte, and Public Health England’s National Cancer Intelligence Network provides the in most detailed map of cancer survivorship yet. Read the report.
  • Real World Evidence
    Learn about how healthcare data presents a unique opportunity to develop insights which can help transform patient care.
  • Good Evidence Practice
    Building stakeholder trust in the use of health data to generate Real World Evidence for the benefit of patients.