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  • Insurance market update - January 2013
    In this issue, we look at the weather. James Rakow draws on information presented in our recent seminar on the domestic household insurance market and summarises how recent years have been affected by adverse weather and the impact on insurers.
  • Insurance market update - November 2012
    Monte Carlo is the location where the world’s reinsurance industry gathers annually to discuss placement strategy for the forthcoming renewal season and strategic developments within the industry.
  • Insurance market update - October 2012
    In a competitive, slow growth environment, management of costs is an imperative for life insurers.
  • Insurance market update - September 2012
    On 28 August 2012 the FSA issued a consultation paper on its Review of the Client Money Rules for Insurance Intermediaries (CP12/20) which contains various proposals for changes to the Client Assets rules.
  • Insurance market update - May 2012
    Non-life insurers
    Ian Clark reviews the current trends focussing on a perceived flight to scale by market participants and the impact on those listed insurers operating at Lloyd’s and the Bermudan market.
  • Insurance market update – May 2011
    Non life insurers
    On 14 April 2011, the consultation period closed on the HM Treasury’s discussion paper entitled ‘A New Approach to Financial Regulation: Building a Stronger System (Cm 8012)’, published in February 2011.
  • Insurance market update – April 2011
    Life insurers
    As European insurers, and many beyond Europe, invest increasing time and energy complying with Solvency II and IFRS 4 Phase II, this April edition considers what will become of Embedded Value reporting.
  • Insurance market update – March 2011
    Non-life insurers
    Focused on information leakage and data security, this edition explores: the challenge posed by managing sensitive data, the steps to understand its nature, and the tools to understand and mitigate any data loss.
  • Insurance market update – February 2011
    Life insurers
    This edition explores Target Operating Models, considering: the drivers and the benefits of engaging one, recommended content and possible architecture, and the key elements to ensure a successful implementation.
  • Insurance market update – January 2011
    Non-life insurers
    We look at the way internal audit can assist management in gaining assurance over current Solvency II implementation projects and consider the subsequent challenges facing this critical component of the governance framework.
  • Insurance market update – December 2010
    Life insurers
    In this month’s edition, we discuss the provisions enacted by the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (“FATCA”), why it is relevant to UK life insurers and how this might affect them.
  • Insurance market update – November 2010
    Non-life insurers
    In our article, we consider the basis for the deteriorated motor insurance industry and identify what sets this downturn apart from previous low points in the cycle.
  • Insurance market update - October 2010
    Life insurers
    In this edition, we consider some of the opportunities for growth within the Indian life insurance market.
  • Insurance market update - September 2010
    Non-life insurers
    In this edition, we look at claims leakage and consider the estimated cost for UK insurers. We also look at the benefits of performing an annual Closed Claim File Review to quantify and control claims leakage.
  • Insurance market update - August 2010
    Life insurers
    In this month’s edition, we look at the Risk Based Performance Management (RBPM) framework and in particular, the key steps insurers should consider when developing an RPBM framework.
  • Insurance Market Update - July 2010
    Non-life insurers
    In this month’s edition we look at some of the regulatory challenges the insurance industry is facing, including: the FSA’s client money framework; Threshold Condition 4; and the Bribery Act.
  • Insurance market update - June 2010
    Life insurers
    In this edition, we look at the effect that a new insurance accounting standard and a new capital requirement regime will have on insurer’s processes, IT systems and internal controls.
  • Insurance Market Update - May 2010
    Non-life insurers
    This article looks at the changing reinsurance environment and the challenges it poses for insurers’ senior management teams in considering how to deploy resources and where to invest for future growth.
  • Insurance Market Update - April 2010
    Life insurers
    This article also looks at the implications the RDR will have for the distribution strategies of retail investment product providers, such as life insurers.
  • Insurance Market Update - March 2010
    Non-life insurers
    In this March edition, we focus firstly on the impact ARROW reviews are having on insurers and secondly the latest developments in the cost of asbestos to theUK insurance industry.