Capital modelling and Solvency II

The area of capital modelling for insurance companies is one where ‘good practice’ continues to evolve. We have extensive experience of working with all types of capital / internal model stakeholders within the non-life industry. We are familiar with working with in-house actuarial teams, with risk managers, and with regulators. Our team includes experienced practitioners who have implemented and managed capital models either on a secondment or ‘employed’ basis for a variety of insurers. The range of projects that we have been involved in covers the full spectrum of capital modelling, including (but not limited to):

  • Model design;
  • Model implementation;
  • Parameterisation;
  • Results analysis;
  • Embedding models;
  • Strategic modelling applications; and
  • Reporting.

Our objective is always to add value to the work that has already been done and to offer pragmatic and practical solutions to the very real and sometimes significant challenges that our clients face.

As the regulatory regime in UK and Europe shifts its focus ever more towards Solvency II we are ensuring that we are represented on the key industry working parties and are actively involved in helping to set industry-wide policy and standards on these issues.

We are working with various clients specifically on Solvency II where additional services that we are providing include:

  • Solvency II gap analysis; and
  • Support with QIS3 and QIS4.

Our Capital Modelling software

We have a full suite of software that enables us and our clients to meet all their requirements, including parameterisation and building internal models. In particular to meet capital modelling needs, we offer and consulting on ‘ReMetrica’ by Benfield.

‘ReMetrica’ by Benfield is software we licensed from Benfield and have a team of fully trained and experienced users of the software. We offer bespoke modelling services using ReMetrica and are able to help you achieve your modelling requirements whether it is a partial or full internal model you require to meet your Solvency II needs.