Financial Services Key Contacts

Nick Sandall   Nick Sandall
Managing Partner, UK Financial Services
Nick is the managing partner of Deloitte UK financial services, co-leads the EMEA financial services practice and is a member of Deloitte’s global financial services management board. Nick has been an adviser within the financial services practice for the last 24 years in a variety of roles. He has led a wide range of consulting assignments across finance, operations and talent.
James O’Riordan   James O’Riordan
Partner, Insurance
James leads Deloitte’s UK insurance industry practice and is the co-lead partner for EMEA insurance. James has been a partner with Deloitte for 9 years and has a wide range of financial services experience gained from working with insurers, bank assurers and retail banks for most of his professional services career.
Zahir Bokhari   Zahir Bokhari
Partner, Banking
Zahir is the head of Deloitte’s UK banking practice and partner-in-charge of its banking and capital markets audit group. Zahir has been providing audit, assurance and advisory services to the banking industry for more than 20 years.
Oliver Grundy   Oliver Grundy
Partner, Capital Markets
Oliver heads the firm’s capital markets sector and has many years' experience of investment banking, having worked in that industry in London and New York. He leads work in external and internal audit, controls and regulation.
Mark Ward   Mark Ward
Partner, Investment Management
Mark leads Deloitte’s UK investment management practice and is the head of the investment management audit group. Mark has over 25 years’ experience in banking, insurance and asset management and primarily focuses on risk management, organisation restructuring and other strategic activities such as executive and management information requirements for risk control and business decision making.
William Higgins   William Higgins
Partner, Audit

William leads Deloitte’s Financial Services Audit and Advisory practice and is a member of the firm’s Audit Executive. He is also a member of the firm’s Financial Services Industry Executive and Chairs the EMEA Centre for Regulatory Strategy. William has worked with leading UK and International institutions over the last 20 years providing a range of advisory services including governance, risk and regulation.
Richard Widdas   Richard Widdas
Partner, Consulting
Richard leads Deloitte UK’s Consulting practice. Richard is ACA qualified, and specialises in cost reduction and restructuring in the insurance and bancassurance industries. Richard has extensive experience, including shaping major programmes at global insurance firms.
Gordon Dootson   Gordon Dootson
Partner, Tax
Gordon is industry lead for Financial Services within Tax.  He also leads the Investment Management/Information, Reporting & Withholding tax group in London. Gordon has been a tax partner for 15 years and specialises in Private Equity.
Ian Smith   Ian Smith
Partner, Corporate Finance
Ian is the lead partner of Deloitte’s UK financial services corporate finance practice, where he leads the mergers and acquisitions service line in the UK. He also works closely with Deloitte CIS in the development of their financial services practice.
Anna Celner   Anna Celner
Partner, Switzerland
Anna leads the Swiss Financial Services practice and has been serving global investment, universal and private banks in Europe and the US for over 20 years. She advises on a broad range of issues including strategy formulation, growth and profitability enhancements, global operating models and large scale regulatory change programs.
Steve Williams   Stephen Williams
Partner, Regions
Stephen leads Deloitte’s UK financial services practice in the North and leads the building society sector. He has extensive experience working in a range of retail financial institutions.