Reza Motazedi


Reza is the Head of Charities and Not For Profit Group.

He has considerable experience of advising commercial organisations but has particular expertise in the Charities and Not For Profit sector.

He has specialised in the sector for 20 years and currently about 75% of his portfolio comprises of clients in the Charity and Not For Profit sector.

He has assisted his clients across a wide range of financial and strategic issues, including restructuring, merges and governance.

Reza is amongst the first 100 people in the country to gain the ICAEW’s qualification of Diploma in Charity Accounting. He has written extensively in the charity press and presented at many conferences, seminars and workshops.

His clients include charities and Not For Profit organisations of all sizes and complexity, ranging from local charities to international ones.

When he is not at work, Reza is actively involved as advisor to a local charity, takes part in cycling events for charities and is also a keen skier.


Mob: +44 20 7007 7646
Tel: +44 7881 855102