The Deloitte approach is focused on delivering the service that our clients demand in the way that they, and those with external oversight of us, expect. Doing so successfully and efficiently allows us to meet the challenges of increasing regulation, changing and developing standards and ever more complex engagements.

Quality is a fundamental part of everything we do and we have a number of formal and informal mechanisms to reinforce our commitment to the very highest standards throughout our business. In June 2006 we appointed to our Executive Group a Managing Partner for Quality, who is responsible for shaping and co-ordinating all aspects of our approach, including the key aspects set out below.

With our clients as the focal point, our model takes into account our services, our processes and the thousands of dedicated individuals who comprise our team. Building on the rigorous approach to quality which already exists within our firm, our aim is to improve continuously by supporting our ambitions with leadership, infrastructure, communication, consistency and performance management.

Our people, our reputation and our values

Our success at delivering quality services is underpinned by the consultative environment in which our people work. It sits at the heart of our recruitment programme, our promotion process, our training and development programmes, and our remuneration structure. Linking our people, their recognition and rewards to quality is integral in achieving our aim of delivering exceptional work.

Our reputation is, in part, a direct result of our values and how we live them. They serve to guide us in providing our clients with technically excellent, innovative and practical solutions to their business issues, whilst remaining independent, objective and professional.

Our shared values are:

  • Integrity
  • Outstanding value to markets and clients
  • Commitment to each other
  • Strength from cultural diversity

 More information is available in our annual report and financial statements .