EnvironmentWe have long strived to reduce the impact of our operations and services on the environment. In 2008 we established an ISO14001-certified environmental management system covering our UK offices and more recently we were able to extend this to include our operations in Switzerland.

As part of this agenda, in 2011 we developed Our Green Journey, our 10-year strategy to decouple business growth from our environmental impacts and push Deloitte to the forefront of the market in sustainability innovation. To date, we have made excellent progress towards our targets:

Target FY11 (Baseline) FY12 FY13 FY14 Progress vs. target Target date
Reduce our total carbon emissions (tonnes CO2e) by 35% per FTE 4.29 4.24 3.93 3.81 -11.1% 2020/21
Reduce our emissions from energy usage (tonnes CO2e) by 30% per FTE 1.51 1.44 1.37 1.34 -11.0% 2020/21
Procure 'green' electricity
(where management is under our direct control)
0% 63% 97% 99% - 2011/12
Reduce our  emissions from business travel (tonnes CO2e) by 25% per FTE 2.76 2.77 2.55 2.40 -13.0% 2020/21
Increase the usage of video-conferencing facilities by 50% (based on VC bookings) 1,732 2,135 2,583 2,659 53.5% 2013/14
Increase the usage of video-conferencing facilities by 50% (based on average minutes in use each month)       35,775 - 2014/15
Reduce our potable water consumption (m3) by 20% per FTE 8.76 8.90 7.04 6.99 -20.2% 2020/21
Reduce waste production (tonnes) by 20% per FTE 0.16 0.16 0.16 0.15 -6.0% 2020/21
Send zero waste to landfill across our estate (where management is under our direct control) 98% 99% 99% 98% - 2015/16
Reduce our paper consumption (kg) by 20% per FTE 55.46 50.14 45.26 38.43 -30.7% 2020/21

These results have been possible due to significant investment in our estate and a real desire from our people to support our environmental agenda. For more details on our successful environmental programme, please read Impact 2014. The report also contains our detailed Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Environmental Metrics Statement, which has been developed in line with best-practice as set out in the Companies Act 2006 (Strategic Report and Directors’ Report) Regulations 2013. For more information on this regulation, please see our thought piece, Lip Service or Leadership.

Sustainability Policies:

Environmental Policy
Sustainable Procurement Policy