Vendor Due Diligence

Vendor initiated due diligence is at the heart of maximising value, minimising disruption and avoiding late surprises through the disposal process.

From initiation to completion

Involvement of our Vendor Due Diligence teams at the initial stage of the disposal process will assist you in achieving a fully priced and clean exit.

We offer  vendor assistance up to a year before a planned transaction, considering whether a business is ready for disposal, identifying key areas of required separation activity and identifying areas of vulnerability which will impact value coupled with solutions of address them.  Vendor due diligence can either build on the vendor assistance work, or be done as a standalone exercise. 

In addition, we will support you through the auction process, working closely with your other advisors (for example, in relation to the  sale and purchase agreement (SPA) seeking to protect value and manage risk by recommending commercial and contractual remedies to challenges identified during the vendor due diligence process.

A robust, independent and credible report

Vendor due diligence is an independent due diligence report prepared at the request of the seller. 

Our sell side specialists, working alongside company management and your advisers, will provide bidders with a high quality, independent and focused due diligence report on the business to be disposed. Our extensive experience working on a large number of transactions across a broad range of industries provides us with deep insight into the differing and stringent requirements of both corporate and private equity bidders. This ensures that all bidders are in possession of the information necessary for them to bid with confidence, maximising the value that you get from the disposal.

Vendor due diligence key contacts

Matthew Rourke, Partner
Please contact by  email or phone: + (852) 2852 1600

Malcolm Drysdale, Partner 
Please contact by  email or phone: + (852) 2852 1600