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Innovating Financial Management, Enhancing Value

Financial management team consists of many senior partners, directors, senior managers and professional consultants, conducting management and consulting business in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. By leveraging the globally leading practices and internationally advanced methods of Deloitte and incorporating the consulting experience in serving domestic companies for a decade, we deliver high-level financial management and consulting service to large and super large SOEs as well as rapidly growing private companies in a range of industries, i.e. electric power, oil and gas, electronics, automobile, communication, manufacturing, nonferrous metal, import and export and publishing. We provide a comprehensive financial management solution, integrate the solution into management practices of our clients, deliver real value to our clients, and help the companies effectively address various challenges and difficulties arising from financial management so as to greatly enhance their financial management capability, effectively promote strategic implementation, performance and management improvement, therefore gaining positive reputation from a large number of clients.


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Financial Management
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