Sustainability: Show me the value

Sustainability and climate change


Sustainability: Show me the value


Sustainability — meeting the needs of the present without compromising the future — is both a challenge and an opportunity for every company. Understanding and addressing sustainability makes increasing business sense for virtually every industry sector. This white paper outlines strategies for helping companies identify and evaluate the financial return on their sustainability investments — something most companies struggle with. Deloitte has developed two leading methodologies that support and help organizations communicate the qualitative and quantitative financial valuation of sustainability. Gone are the days of doing something solely because it seems to be the right thing. Businesses need decision-making tools to understand the qualitative linkages between sustainability and economic value at the company level, and this paper will help them understand the value of their sustainability investments.

Authors: Thibaut Millet, Kristine MacPhee, Anna Walkowiak, Gildas Poissonnier


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