Innovative thinking 2010

Great ideas by great minds

Deloitte held an internal “Innovative thinking” contest that invited our Canadian practitioners to submit papers about innovative solutions to business issues. This resulted in an incredible array of thought-provoking leadership papers that will help organizations tackle major issues affecting multiple industry sectors. Many of Deloitte’s brightest minds from our Financial advisory, Enterprise risk and Consulting practices worked together to create a wide range of unique perspectives on topics like funding for higher educational institutions, governments in deficit, strengthening food safety, and more.

Let us share our ideas with you. Read the winning papers and watch the video.

Show notes

John Wang (Senior manager, Deloitte) asks some of the authors tough questions about major issues organizations face on a daily basis. What can companies do to ensure the safety of food supply? How can governments escape massive deficits fuelled by the recession? Other topics include funding for higher education, achieving a speedy post-merger integration, translating sustainability initiatives into economic value, and more. Learn from Deloitte’s most innovative thinkers. 


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 The winning papers

Returning to balance

Returning to balance

Pragmatic solutions and untapped opportunities for governments in deficit

Post-merger integration

Post-merger integration: When getting it done is more important than getting it (exactly) right

The inconvenient truths about achieving speed during post-merger integration

The road to profitable risk managed growth

The road to profitable risk managed growth

How unlocking siloed data can improve profitability

Food safety

Food safety: Beyond the standards

How to build a culture of food safety to protect your customers and your brand


Sustainability: Show me the value

Translating sustainability actions into qualitative and quantitative economic value

Black swan

The risk intelligent bank

Why standardized risk approaches fail to assess rare and unexpected events that impact organizations

Funding the future

Funding the future in challenging times

How asset optimization can help sustain and grow universities and colleges

Buy and sell disputes

Buy and sell disputes

How to bolster your transactional and lending agreements

Branded or private label?

Branded or private label?

Key success factors and attributes of branded and premium private label products in the food and beverage industry

Control your destiny

Control your destiny

Best practices for unlocking trapped value from outsourcing maturity assessment and vendor management design

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