Energy & Resources case studies

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Better bills for Ontario consumers
There’s a common perception out there that much of what government does — from providing services to administering programs to enacting laws — is mired in red tape. Yet government has a real and tangible impact on people’s lives. It affects everything from schools to health care to pensions to public services, and it’s a relationship that shouldn’t be taken for granted. But how can government open the lines of communication and strengthen its relationship with the average citizen?

Bluewater Power leads the way for small- and mid-sized utilities
Bluewater Power Distribution Corporation (BWP) is a progressive utility company providing electrical distribution and related services to over 34,000 customers in Southwestern, Ontario. Headquartered in Sarnia, the corporation derives all its revenue from the distribution of electricity and related services.

Global mining company makes business case for corporate reporting
When the business you’re in impacts the environment, demonstrating proactive management of the risks and consequences of your activities with a public report can have tremendous upside. But if you’re not doing as much as your competition, it can also have a significant downside.

Assessing risk of an inactive mine aids EHS and fiscal planning
Ownership of some assets—like a large, complex inactive mine—brings with it unique responsibilities. When no longer in use, a mine can’t be decommissioned like a navy freighter or mothballed like an obsolete factory. It can’t be relocated, and if there is any possibility that operations will resume at some point, it can’t be completely shut down.

Nickel smelter bolsters profit during hard times
It started out as a straightforward challenge: A nickel smelter in northern Ontario had to cut costs to cope with worldwide pressures on nickel prices. Its goal was to reduce the weighted average cost to produce a pound of nickel and copper by 20 cents to $1.30.

Waste business finds a buyer despite lack of financial details
When Allied Waste Services Inc. put a string of landfills and waste collection centres across Canada up for sale in 1999, there was a hitch: The seller could not provide prospective buyers a complete financial picture of the business.