Public Sector

Deloitte is a global leader in serving the public sector — regularly investigating and reporting on trends in policy and management. Whether it’s developing new strategies, serving the citizen of the 21st century, enhancing government accountability and transparency, or supporting industry partnerships, our practitioners work with federal, provincial and local governments, as well as Crown agencies, and health and education providers to improve their service offerings. In fact, we continue to be recognized for our strategies and critical thinking in the areas of assurance and advisory, consulting, enterprise risk, financial advisory and tax services. What differentiates Deloitte is our unparalleled knowledge and expertise, and our ability to tailor our services to ensure the success of our public sector clients.

Education Education
Today educational institutions need help to find creative and innovative ways to do more with fewer resources, implement solutions and increase efficiency.
Government Government
Transformation continues to occur for governments today and those that can master change will thrive. Deloitte’s public sector practice can help.
Health services Health services
Deloitte can impact health services organizations success by helping them adapt to high expectations and managing restrictions future from the government.
Not-for-profit organizations Not-for-profit organizations
Deloitte’s not-for-profit specialists offer a number of advisory services to the needs of these unique organizations.

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