Lean manufacturing

A paradigm for growth

Lean manufacturing techniques help manufacturers eliminate waste, boost gross margins and increase effective capacity. But these bottom line improvements need not stop at the factory floor. Office operations, employee morale, product quality and market competitiveness will see significant results too.

As you proceed down the lean path, your organization will transform. People will begin to work in self-managed teams, becoming responsible for product quality, cost and timeliness, and looking for ways to improve the company.

Deloitte works with you to build an independently operating and self-perpetuating process for change. Our comprehensive approach allows you, on a step-by-step basis, to create an environment and a means for change — change that permeates your company and becomes a new paradigm for growth.

Our Lean manufacturing approach

Deloitte Image   Phase 1: The Deloitte Diagnosis Business Assessment Process: Identifying barriers and opportunities 
Deloitte Image   Phase 2: The Deloitte 12-Step Implementation Process: Integrating change and improvement 
Deloitte Image   Workshops and Courses: Transferring knowledge