Still part of the Deloitte family

Staying connected helps alumni maintain relationships with friends and colleagues

Still part of the Deloitte family What’s the one thing Deloitte alumni miss most? It’s the calibre of people they worked with and the camaraderie they shared. “We had a lot of fun. We worked hard. It was kind of like being in university,” recalls Halifax alumnus Tracey Whyte. “We built some good strong bonds. They’re all smart people who worked amazingly hard.” Calgary partner Chris Johnston also places a high value on the people. “The people aspect of Deloitte is unparalleled. You really value the people you get to work with at Deloitte. You can’t match that anywhere.”

Learning from strong leaders and doing important work also ranks high. “We were learning so much, and there was a real sense of camaraderie and family,” says Amy. When they joined, the team was small, but it was on the cusp of explosive growth. “We were just a small group of consultants,” says Tracey. Then Alan MacGibbon took over, and the Consulting practice grew rapidly. “We were so fortunate to be part of that group, and to help it grow from this core. And Alan is such a visionary. It was an honour to work with that calibre of people.” Tracey recently reconnected with Alan and other former colleagues at a Halifax alumni event celebrating the Canada Games, which Deloitte sponsored. “I got to see so many people from over the years.” Alan was there with his wife Glynis. “It felt like we were catching up with family. I remember when their kids were young,” says Tracey, “and now they’re finished university.”

Whether people move on or come back to the firm, they seem to genuinely value the memories of their Deloitte days. “I consider Deloitte one of the best places that I’ve worked during my career,” says Litsa Popowich, a Toronto-based alumnus who’s now a senior vice-president at Loblaw. “I treasure those relationships. Having that Deloitte connection gives you a common bond.” Tracey echoes the sentiment. “I always say Deloitte was a fantastic place to work and a great training ground. I couldn’t ask for a better experience.”

“We had a lot of fun. We worked hard. It was kind of like being in university. We built some good strong bonds”
- Tracey Whyte


What’s motivated her to keep in touch over the years? “It’s not only the personal ties, it’s also the business ties,” says Tracey. Staying connected has not only enriched her personal life, it’s benefitted her career as well. Alumni should recognize that their Deloitte ties can help them advance their personal and professional goals. They can leverage the firm’s learning and thoughtware to keep up with industry changes. Most of all, they can take pride in having worked for an organization that plays a leading role in the Canadian marketplace. “Deloitte is an important company and a really good corporate citizen,” says Tracey. “And to this day — I can’t believe it’s been almost 12 years — I still get emails inviting me to an event or asking for my input. I still feel part of the Deloitte family.”

Remaining part of the Deloitte family is one of the benefits of staying in touch through the Alumni Connections program. Learn more about the other benefits:

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