World Economic Forum on Europe

Renewed Leadership, New Vision

The 2010 World Economic Forum on Europe will take place in Brussels, Belgium on 10-11 May.

Europe, like most regions of the world, is focused on picking up the pieces from the financial and economic crisis, and looking to capitalize on emerging opportunities. Deloitte is proud to come together with business, government, and community leaders to address the steps needed to bring about sustainable economic development in Europe for years to come.

Under the theme of “Renewed Leadership, New Vision,” the new EU leadership will outline its vision for the future of Europe and its role in the world, as well as address how the region will navigate the bumpy recovery that still lies ahead.

The meeting will be structured around three thematic pillars:

  • Strengthening Economies
  • Ensuring Sustainability
  • Geopolitics and Security

View CNBC interview with Deloitte CEO Jim Quigley on what changes in Europe means for Deloitte.

Panel discussions

Ingredients of innovation: Stimulating economic growth in the European Union
This Deloitte-sponsored event will engage a discussion among key speakers and participants on how innovation will play a crucial factor in the European Union’s goal of being one of the world’s most competitive economies. Participants will examine what the roadmap to innovation will look like for the EU, how business and government should collaborate to strengthen the EU’s competitiveness, and how industries and business can improve their innovation efforts.
DTT CEO Jim Quigley at WEF on Europe 2010
DTT CEO Jim Quigley at 2010 WEF on Europe

Key speakers:

  • Herman Van Rompuy, President of the Council of the European Union
  • Panel moderator:  John Kao, Chairman, Institute for Large Scale Innovation
  • Marion Dewar, Member of the Cabinet of the EU Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science
  • Diogo Vasconcelos, Chair of the Business Panel on Future EU Innovation Policy, and Distinguished Fellow, Cisco
  • Jim Quigley, Global Chief Executive Officer, Deloitte
  • Rik Vanpeteghem, Chief Executive Officer, Deloitte Belgium

Innovation, Green Technology and Growth: Pulling It Together
According to the World Economic Forum, green technology surpassed information technology and biotechnology as the sector of choice for venture capital investment in 2009.

Deloitte Global CEO Jim Quigley will moderate this panel discussion, which will focus on how companies’ attitudes towards investing in green technology have evolved,  which regions are driving innovation and investment, and how governments and business can work together to realize the full potential of green technology.

Community initiatives

Entrepreneurship education roundtable in Europe
As a steering board member of the World Economic Forum Global Education Initiative (GEI), Deloitte leaders will engage with government, academia, private sector, and community leaders to develop action plans to advance entrepreneurship education in the region, debate further policies needed for change, and develop new partnerships for youth and higher education entrepreneurship.

Deloitte joined the steering board of the GEI in September 2009, helping develop and implement its plans for three round table events on entrepreneurship education. This program in Brussels marks the first event. The GEI’s focus on entrepreneurship education is in line with Deloitte21, Deloitte’s global community investment initiative, which is aimed at driving innovations in education and skills for underserved young people to help them succeed in the 21st-century economy.

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